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A media façade is an LED, flexible and dynamic video screen that is usually installed outside a building. With its help, several goals are achieved at once: broadcasting external electronic advertising, designer lighting of a building, hiding architectural defects and emphasizing its advantages, beautifying the face of the city, attracting the attention of clients, tourists, and buyers. This is a complex dynamic lighting system integrated into the urban environment (buildings, street infrastructure, etc.). Integration is the main point that determines whether a particular dynamic lighting system is a media façade. Without integration, a dynamic lighting system is an independent element of the required size, fixed to the building. When a building (facade) and a dynamic lighting system are organically connected - in terms of technology and content - something new is created - what we call media architecture. Installation of media facade, lighting, facade lighting in Baku, media facade heating, heating, media facade heating in Baku

Media facades allow organizations to broadcast their unique personality in public space. There are already examples of media architectural solutions and engineering solutions that well adapt the media façade to the urban environment. Successful LED media facades are harmonious and match the design of the buildings themselves. The height and shape of the building no longer limits the placement of the LED display. After all, this is a network (light frame) in which LED light sources are installed. From the outside, it looks like a huge LED video screen on which you can broadcast a TV signal, show videos, or simply provide original lighting for the building. Installation of media facade, lighting, facade lighting in Baku, media facade heating, heating, media facade heating in Baku


Why are media facades needed?

Let's start with the fact that media facades are a real breakthrough, promising incredible business development prospects for interested parties: companies, advertising agencies, investors, designers, members of the Internet community promoting their products. This is a new word in advertising and the art of building exterior design.

Media facades perfectly adapt to the urban landscape, complement it and look very impressive in modern skyscrapers and other buildings made of glass and concrete. They are an ideal place for advertising, because large city screens, which are an integral part of the facades, attract attention, and if it is possible to connect video to a TV, then, on the contrary, everyone will be interested and surprised. as it will be. it works.

Media facades are a new buzzword in the world of architectural facade design. With their help, you can provide bright and effective lighting that blends harmoniously into the night scene. Installation of media facade, lighting, facade lighting in Baku, media facade heating, heating, media facade heating in Baku

A large enough company can afford to buy a place and hang a large advertising banner for a long time. The media facade significantly makes the advertising market more diverse and accessible to any consumer who can buy advertising time in the schedule of advertising blocks. A small company can buy a large amount of visible advertising time in a good location.

Media facades (screen-facades) open up unlimited possibilities and help realize the most daring ideas of various specialists:

architects and designers;
marketing and advertising departments;
owners of multi-storey buildings;
advertising agencies and television channels;
social networks and Internet portals;
investors and sponsors.

Lighting is a system used to illuminate spaces, objects or areas. This ensures that the space is clean and comfortable, whether it's day or night. There are many types of lighting systems, and these systems are suitable for any space. Lighting systems can be used both indoors and outdoors. One of the main goals is to improve the design of the space. The selection and installation of lighting systems is carried out by specialists and experienced professionals.

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